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Book List 2023-24

Sr.No Class Book Name Publisher
1 I 21st Centuary English Reader Grade-1 Burlington
2 I English Grammar Grade-1 Burlington
3 I Mari Gold English Reader No.1 NCERT
4 I Rhymes and Bal Geet No.3 Bombay
5 I Savvy Cursive Writing No.1 Savvy
6 I Punjabi Akhar sulekh Pacemaker
7 I Navi Nuhar Pbi Reader No.0 Pacemaker
8 I Rimjhim Hindi Path Mala No.1 NCERT
9 I Mathematics No.1 NCERT
10 I Mathematics No.1 Candid
11 I Cascade EVs No.1 Collins
12 I Asset Computer No.1 Pacemaker
13 I I Love to Draw Smile word
1 II 21st Centuary English Reader Grade-2 Burlington
 2 II  English Grammar Grade-2  Burlington
3 II Mari Gold English Reader No.2 NCERT
 4 II Savvy Cursive Writing No.2  Savvy
 5  II Navi Nuhar Pbi Reader No.1  Pacemaker
 6  II Rimjhim Hindi Book No.2  NCERT
 7  II  Mathematics No.2  Candid
 8  II  Mathematics No.2  NCERT
 9  II  Cascade EVS No.2  Collins
 10  II  Asset Computer No.2  Pacemaker
 11  II  I Love Draw No.2  Smile word
 1 III  21st Centuary English Reader Grade-3  Burlington
 2  III English Grammar Grade-3  Burlington
 3  III  Mari Gold English Reader No.3  NCERT
4 III Savvy Cursive Writing No.2  Savvy
5 III Navi Nuhar Pbi Reader No.2  Pacemaker
6 III Navi Nuhar Pbi Viyakaran No.2  Pacemaker
7 III Rimjhim Hindi Book No.3 NCERT
8 III  Mathematics No.3 NCERT
9 III  Mathematics No.3 Candid
10 III Cascade SST No.3 Collins
12 III Science No.3 Collins
13 III Asset Computer No.2 Pacemaker
14 III I Love to Draw No.3 Smile word
1 IV 21st Centuary English Reader Grade-4 Burlington
2 IV English Grammer Grade-4 Burlington
3 IV Mari Gold English Reader NCERT
4 IV Savvy Cursive Writing No.4 Savvy
5 IV Navi Nuhar Pbi Reader No.3 Pacemaker
6 IV Navi Nuhar Pbi Viyakaran No.3 Pacemaker
7 IV Rimjhim Hindi Book No.4 NCERT
8 IV Hindi Viyakaran No.4 Bestway
9 IV Mathematics No.3 Candid
10 IV Mathematics No.3 NCERT
11 IV Cascade SST No.3 Collins
13 IV Science No.4 Collins
14 IV Asset Computer No.3 Pacemaker
15 IV I Love to Draw Smile word
 1  V  21st Centuary English Reader Grade-5  Burlington
2  V English Grammer Grade-5 Burlington
3  V Mari Gold English Reader  NCERT
4  V Savvy Cursive Writing No.  Savvy
5  V Navi Nuhar Pbi Reader No  Pacemaker
6  V Navi Nuhar Pbi Viyakaran No  Pacemaker
7  V Rimjhim Hindi Book No  NCERT
8  V  Hindi Viyakaran No  Bestway
9  V  Mathematics No  Candid
10  V  Mathematics No  NCERT
11  V  Cascade SST No.3  Collins
12  V  EVS No.  NCERT
13  V  Science No  Collins
14  V  I Love to Draw  Smile word
15  V  Asset Computer No  Pacemaker
 1  VI  21st Centuary English Reader Grade-7  Burlington
 2  VI  English Grammer Grade  Burlington
 3  VI  Hony Sukle (English Reader)  NCERT
 4  VI  A Pact with the sun(English Silpt)  NCERT
 5  VI  Navi Nuhar Pbi.Reader No.6  Pacemaker
 6  VI  Navi Nuhar Pbi.Grammer No.5  Pacemaker
 7  VI  Hindi Reader  NCERT
 8  VI  Hindi Viyakaran No.6  Bestway
 9  VI  Math No.6  NCERT
 10  VI  Science  Collins
 11  VI  Science No.6  NCERT
 12  VI  Social Science  Collins
 13  VI  SSt No.-6  NCERT
 14  VI  Asset Computer No.5  Pacemaker
 15  VI  Artistry No.6 Smile word
1 VII 21st Centuary English Reader Grade-7  Burlington
2 VII English Grammer Grade-7  Burlington
3 VII Hony Comb English Reader No.7  NCERT
4 VII An Alian Hand (English Suply)  NCERT
5 VII Navi Nuhar Pbi. Reader No.7  Pacemaker
6 VII Navi Nuhar Pbi Grammer-7  Pacemaker
7 VII Hindi Reader(Basant)  NCERT
8 VII Hindi Viyakaran No.8  Bestway
10 VII Science  Collins
11 VII Science No.8  NCERT
12 VII Social Science  Collins
13 VII SSt No.-8  NCERT
14 VII Asset Computer No.-7  Pacemaker
15 VII Artistry No.8  Smileword
1 VIII 21st Centuary English Reader Grade-8  Burlington
2 VIII English Grammer Grade  Burlington
3 VIII Hony Dew English Reader  NCERT
4 VIII It So Happened (English Reader)  NCERT
5 VIII  Navi Nuhar Pbi. Reader No.8  Pacemaker
6 VIII  Navi Nuhar Pbi Grammer-7  Pacemaker
7 VIII  Hindi Reader(Basant)  NCERT
8 VIII  Hindi Viyakaran No.8  Bestway
10 VIII  Science  Collins
11 VIII  Science No.8  NCERT
12 VIII  Social Science  Collins
13 VIII  SSt No.-8  NCERT
14 VIII Asset Computer No.-7  Pacemaker
15 VIII Artistry No.8  Smile word
1 IX  Beehive Literature textbook  NCERT
 2 IX  Moments-Supplemntary reader NCERT
3 IX  English Grammer and Compostive Grade -9 Holy Faith
4 IX  Punjabi Reader Book(sahet Mala-9) Narinder Duggal
5 IX  Punjabi Reader Book(Vangi-9)  Narinder Duggal
6 IX  Sparsh Hindi Reader (Course -B) Part-1 NCERT
7 IX  Sanchyan Hindi Reader (Course -B) Part-1  NCERT
8 IX  Madhuban Hindi Grammer(Course+B) Sumit
9 IX  Mathmatics NCERT
10 IX  Science NCERT
12 IX  Democratic Politicak-1 NCERT
13 IX  Economics  NCERT
14 IX  Contemporary India-1(Geo) NCERT
15 IX  IT Chips and Bite Evergreen
16 IX  Punjabi Grammar and Viyakaran New Golden
1 X  First Flight Eng.Reader NCERT
2 X  Footprint Without Feet Supply NCERT
3 X  Candid Eng.Grammer & Composition  Evergreen
4 X  Punjabi Reader Books(Sahat Mala-10) Pacemaker
5 X  Punjabi Reader Book(Vangi-10)  Pacemaker
6 X  Punjabi Grammar and Viyakaran New Golden
7 X  Sparsh Hindi Reader (Course -B) Part-2  NCERT
8 X  Sanchyan Hindi Reader (Course -B) Part-2  NCERT
9 X  Madhuban Hindi Grammar Sumit
10 X  Maths NCERT
11 X  Science NCERT
13 X  Demovratic Political-1 NCERT
14 X  Economics NCERT
15 X  Contemporary India-1 NCERT
16 X IT(Chips and Bite) Evergreen
17 X    

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Principal's Message
Thank you for your interest in Sri Hemkunt Sahib Sen. Sec. School,Fatehgarh Panjtoor (Moga). Within these pages we hope to convey the spirit of our school-its warmth, purpose, thought and soul. We intend to provide your child the information needed to make a decision.Sri Hemkunt Sahib Sen. Sec. School is big enough to possess ....
Manager's Message
Sri Hemkunt Sahib Sen. Sec. School, Fatehgarh Panjtoor (Moga) was established in April 2005 with the aim to play a vital role and contribute significantly in the growth, development and management of the home, the society and the nation. It is our constant endeavour at Hemkunt School to prepare ...
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